The Ordering process

Ordering is a fundamental, high priority, high frequency task, but it can get complex.

Getting Started

  • Starting for the first time, log into your account dashboard.
  • Click on any of the blue outlined links as shown in the screen shot below:
  • Here you have a choice -

1 - Create a Market List - this is your shopping list

2 - Create a Purchase Order - fast-track to a new request


  • If you’ve arrived at ML or PO, click ‘Add new’.

NOTE: For extra control you can create template lists for your teams to choose from - this will speed up ‘time to send’ as well as improve ‘time to choose’.


  • Give your list a name, e.g. Area / Period => Dry Store / Wk1 and assign your outlet - your place of work


  • Now search for items you wish to order
    Note: it may be useful to list as you see it on your shelf
    • Next to each item add the amount you wish to order:
    - Total UOM = Total volume/weight
    - Total units = Total no. of items
    - Packs = Total groups of items
    - Example = 4500ml / 6 bottles / 1 case
    • Once all items have been added, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Create'


    NOTE: You can add notes to each line item by clicking on the ‘speech bubble’ icon. These instructions can then be actioned by your vendor of choice.



    Purchase Orders

    • PO’s are quick and easy.


    • Click ‘Add new’.

    - PO name defaults to the day of creation.
    - Assign your outlet.
    - Assign your Purchasing Class.


    IMPORTANT: Classes tie all of your transactions together which ultimately drives your P&L - make sure you post to the right Class > All transactions to Food as well as all transactions to Beverage.

    • Scroll to the Market Lists section and you will see the list just created.
    • Click ‘select’.
    • Now click ‘Create’.

    NOTE: You can add any number of lists together along with individual products > the system will automatically organise all items for you in the next step.

    Check and Send

    • Once you have created your PO request, you’ll notice that all the hard work has been done for you.
    • All items from the Market List are now organised by vendor.
    • Expand each vendor row to check the details.
    • See in the example screen below, how  the ‘item notes’ have been added from the original list.
    • Now you can edit any quantities you wish to order, remove items as well as add more products. Quantities and totals will adjust accordingly.
    • From here click each ‘Email to Supplier’ row. This will send your order details direct to the ‘Order email’ as specified in the supplier profile.
    • Once sent you will see your Order status change to ‘Submitted’.


    NOTE: If sending orders by email, then each of your vendors will receive a notification -
    this will contain a digital link to your order which your vendor can click to ‘accept’.

    IMPORTANT: If your vendor does not accept > then you can accept on their behalf from within the Purchase Order > once submitted, you can accept. This needs to be be actioned before acccepting deliveries.