Managing and adjusting yields in your sub recipes and recipes

When creating Sub Recipes ( How to create Sub Recipes ) and Recipes ( How to create Recipes ), you have the ability to manage and adjust yields. The default will always be '1' as in the proportion of individual ingredients used in the recipe will total up to make the final yield of the recipe 


You then have 2 available options in managing the yield;


1. Adjusting the yield to increase or decrease the total amount of product or batch required.

Simply amend the recipe yield amount and the system will calculate how much of each ingredient you will need. NB - you will need to carefully review ingredients such as Salt and Chill where the relevant proportion may be too much if you increase the batch yield . 


2. Adjusting the yield to reflect change in weights or amounts during the recipe creation process

Whilst creating the recipe, if the overall yield is reduced via the method of creation. e.g. Caramelised onions will lose a fair amount of weight during the cooking process; you can adjust the yield to reflect the reduction in overall weight. Selecting 'Lock product quantities' will ensure the original ingredient amounts don't change, only the final yield will e.g. the total ingredients may only make a yield  0.9