XERO Integration

A step by step guide on how to set up an API integration with XERO

1. Connecting up

Navigate to 'settings' > 'Marketplace' > 'Accounts' > XERO - Connect 


From here select 'Request Token' 

and log into your XERO account 

Enter the desired name and then select create - the connection should now be live


2. Reviewing the settings

It is important to ensure purchasing categories and tax codes are aligned;

Head to Settings > System > Api clients where XERO should now appear with connection status as 'valid' 

Under 'Actions' - you will be able to ensure the 'External settings' align;

i) Purchasing categories need to match what is in XERO chartered accounts;

e.g. Food & Beverage 78

Check and compare against Kitchen CUT by going to Settings >Accounting > Purchasing Categories > Confirm Accounting Code

With the below example you can see Beer & Wine are set up as code 78 


ii) Tax Classes 

Same process as Purchasing categories but found under the 'Tax Class' Tab

In the below example you can see there are a number of classes set up in this XERO example 

Again; these will need to match what is in Kitchen CUT by going to Settings >Accounting > Tax classes; review the 'Accounting Identifier' 

N.B - you will need to ensure any new category or purchasing class you create, matches up to the corresponding code in XERO


3. Posting the Data 

Either by creating new invoice or sending current invoice to accounts;

If creating new invoice - ensure all relevant fields are correctly entered then save by selecting create before sending to accounts

Any invoice that has been sent to accounts should now have a 'success' post against the invoice sync status


Any invoice synced to XERO can be compared by searching the invoice number in the XERO expense transactions page. 

It is important to double check and ensure all required and relevant terms are being pulled through from Kitchen CUT accounts to XERO.