Transfer Lists

Use Lists to template your Transfers

If you regularly transfer the same list of stock items between inventories then you may be able to save time using Lists.

To create a new List, go to Inventory > Transfers > Lists, and select 'Add New'. 

Give your List a name. You can also select Outlet and Class for the List to apply to. Then just search for the Products you'd like to add to the list. You can add as many products as you like. 

As you scroll further down the page you'll note there are also separate tables for adding Subrecipes and Recipes to your List as well. When you add an item to your list you will also need to select a quantity in the Total UOM, Total Units, or Pack Amount fields (depending on the specific item's unit profile).

Once you're done adding items to your list, select Update. 

Your List will be saved and sit within the Lists tab. Whenever you need to record a Transfer of the items on this List, go to Inventory > Transfers > New Transfer/New Requisition. 

Then, when you select the inventory details (where you want to Transfer FROM and TO), you will also see the option to select a LIST. 

Once selected, the List items will show in the table below. If any items from the List are not available in the FROM inventory, the system will only select those which are. The system will show an explanation where this is the case, as in the below, where only 1 item from the list (of 6 items) was available in the selected FROM inventory. 

Please note that the system automatically applies the quantities from the List, but you can amend these if necessary by editing the quantity and re-selecting the green trolley. Then just select Create to complete the Transfer.

For more information on recording stock transfers, see the guide here:

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