Single Sign-On

Applies to: 
This guide applies to customers looking to configure SSO (Single Sign On) for their Kitchen Cut account. SSO is an authentication mechanism that allows users to log in to multiple applications or systems using a single set of credentials. This guide applies to companies that already use SSO for other systems and are looking to bring their Kitchen Cut accounts in line with these.

SSO can be a great way of streamlining and standardising your security and access across different software applications. It makes life easier for users as they only need to remember 1 set of credentials, it can allow you to maintain stronger authentication methods such as Multi-Factor Authentication for user access, and reduce administrative costs as user access can be managed centrally.

Get Started:
To get started with SSO for your Kitchen Cut account, send an email to your account manager or to to let us know. Tell us who your current identity provider is, and any relevant details about your current SSO set-up.

We'll let you know whether we can facilitate your request and any costs involved, and then we'll get started on the configuration. Depending on the identity provider there may be various details we need from you in order to get set up, and the whole process may take a few weeks altogether.

Configuring SSO:
When you get in touch to let us know you want to get Kitchen Cut connected to your existing Identity Provider, we'll need to provide you with a Single Sign-On URL. You'll need this to get an XML Metadata URL from your Identity Provider. We will need this XML Metadata URL in order to complete the configuration. Once we have this we can connect your Kitchen Cut account to your identity provider and enable SSO on your account.

Login with SSO:
Once configuration is complete, you'll be able to login using SSO. Users will see this option on the login screen. For example, if your identity provider is Microsoft, it'll look like this:

When you choose this option Kitchen Cut will redirect to your identity provider to login. Just enter your login credentials.

After the user is successfully authenticated, they are redirected back to the KitchenCut platform where they will be logged in, and will see the Dashboard:

Q: Which Identity Providers do you facilitate?
A: We currently have the capability to connect with Microsoft (SAML) and Okta (SAML).

Still Need Help? 

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a support ticket here or by emailing us at We'll be happy to help!