Removing Users from your Kitchen Cut account

This guide explains the options for removing users from your account

Applies to:
This guide is for Admin users wanting to remove users from their account

You can remove users in 2 ways in Kitchen Cut - they can be 'Banned' or 'Deleted', and you'll see these options (provided you have the necessary permissions) within Settings > Team > Users, when you select the Actions dropdown against a particular user. 

The difference between Banned and Deleted users is essentially only that you can reinstate banned users, but only Kitchen Cut Admin team can reinstate Deleted users.

Please note, when a user is deleted, this is a 'soft delete' - as there are actions and records associated with the user we don't remove the profile completely. This means that you cannot delete a user and then add a new user with the same email address - the original profile still exists in the background. Any email address can only be used once for creating a user in Kitchen Cut.

If you need to restore a Deleted user, just contact, and the support team will change the user to banned status so that you can manage the restoration of the user yourself. Please ensure you provide some information to prove you are the account administrator, and/or have the necessary authority to manage user access in your Kitchen Cut account. It's possible our support team may need to escalate such requests to your Account owner for authorisation.

Still Need Help? 

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