Publish Digital Menus

Once you have created your Digital Menu, this guide shows you how to publish online without embedding on an existing website. This generates a landing page for customers to visit to place orders online.

Please note, you can also embed your Kitchen CUT Digital Menus into an existing website by using a widget code. See the F+B To Go Quickstart Guide for more details on how to publish via widget code. 

1. Log into Kitchen CUT and navigate to your Digital Menu.

2. Select Digital Menu you want to publish and click Actions > Edit. 

3. In the Edit page, choose the URL extension that you want to use to access the online menu.

In this example, the URL to access the online ordering page would be

Please note, the system may change your entry to be URL-friendly, for example if you included spaces, the system would automatically hyphenate this entry. 

4. Scroll down and click Save.

5. Back on Digital Menu dashboard click Actions again and you’ll now see View External Link.

6. If you select 'View external link', you’ll then see the page has been created and published with the new URL created. You can now start to direct your customers to this URL to place orders.