Product Groups

The Product Group functionality enables you to assign specific products from a supplier to a particular group of outlets e.g. regional beers only available to one area of outlets

The key idea on product groups is that it allows you to share specific products to specific outlets. for example you have a national beer supplier that delivers regional specialties to specific geographical locations - you would only want those relevant sites to be able to order those products. 

Important to note - if the supplier has already been previously shared to the revenue outlets, then that suppliers  products will already be available to those revenue outlets. To remove a products availability to the outlet you will need to deselect the supplier from that outlet 

Another note to be aware of - if you create a recipe at Global and then share that recipe to an outlet - it will enable all the products that make up that recipe to be available at that outlet

The easiest option to manage product groups is to enable at point of receiving price files from your supplier via the Gateway How to accept product updates submitted via the Supplier Gateway


1. To set a product group up, you first need to set and name the group by heading to >Products > Product Groups > Create Group 

From here you also assign the revenue outlets to the product group


2. To add products to the newly created product group you have two options;

i) Multi select products under the products tab using left side of product select boxes. You are also able to filter by supplier, class etc 


Then under the drop down 'do with selected' select 'Add to product group'


ii) Search for the relevant product under the 'Products' tab

Select 'Edit' under the relevant product and assign it to the correct product group (you are able to assign a product to more than one product group) 


NB - You are able to add different suppliers products to the same product group