Opening your first Outlet Inventory Count.

This article will explain how to open your first live inventory period.

In order to complete this task you must have first completed an area stock take and preferably also a consolidated stock take.


If you have an initial stock count to use to open an OIC then follow the below steps: 

Go to > Inventory > Stocks, Click on the 'Outlet Inventory Count' tab: 



On the right hand side click 'open period'.



Give your new period a name and select the revenue outlet and and inventory class you wish to open a live stock period for:


Select the type of count you wish to open your new period with (e.g. CST or AST) 

Use the below filters to find and select the applicable AST / CST and hit 'Create':



Your Outlet inventory count is now live and any deliveries / usage will inflate and deplete from this figure accordingly. 


If the above is unsuccessful please contact our support team at and log a support ticket via the Kitchen CUT Customer Support Portal  (accessible through your Kitchen CUT site).