Net Summaries

Net Summaries:
This report was previously named 'Sales Summary', and is a queryable report to show summarised sales data. This will take the raw day-by-day sales data that's fed into Kitchen CUT and group it according to the parameters that you specify. You can pull this report for a specific date range or for a pre-defined inventory period (for Inventory users only), you can then also select to view sales from specific classes and categories.

Once you load the report you will see some headline figures and charts, and below the Net Summary table. This is a drill down table that will enable you to delve into the data from Class, through Category level, and then see the individual item sales. Just click on the rows to see more info. 

In the table, the key figures are in the 'Actual' column on the right-hand side. This is the net revenue figure according to the sales data received from EPOS or from Online Sales (Digital Menus/F&B To Go sales). 

The System Totals (Net Amount and Gross Amount columns) represent the theoretical sales totals based on the selling prices you have entered into your menu items in Kitchen CUT. If these selling prices are correct and up-to-date, then this can give an indication of your maximum potential revenue if, for example, you had sold every item at it's full listed selling price. 

The variance between the Net Amount (theoretical Net Revenue) and Actual columns shows in the column on the right-hand side. This indicates 'Lost Revenue', which can generally be explained by discounts and deductions.

Please note: the System Totals will not be correct if your menu item selling prices are not kept  up-to-date on Kitchen CUT.