Managing User Groups for Accounts with Multiple Locations

This guide will show you how to customise your user permissions by location.

When you complete the initial set up of your portal, the global user group settings applied will update across all locations.

The steps to adjusting these settings to make them bespoke for a location are as follows:

1.)  Login to the location that requires the user group settings to be adjusted

2.)  Navigate to Settings>Team>User Groups

3.)  From any of the drop down menus within 'Permission Group' in the 'User Groups' tab,  you can tick or untick any setting that needs to be adjusted to make the user group bespoke for the relevant location

4.)  Once you have made a change in a user group an orange return arrow will appear next to the green pencil icon (editing tool) underneath that user group. The return arrow allows you to revert to global settings

Any settings changed at a location level will not update to other locations in your business.


For more information on User set up and access please see the link below: