How to upload products to your Gateway catalogue

This guide will show you how to upload products both individually and bulk via the import template

The catalogue can be thought of as your online warehouse and it is where you manage your products before sending them on to your customers via price list How to send Price Files to Customers from the Gateway


To create products individually head to > Catalogue > Products > create new product

From there you can enter the UOM details, price and allergens


To bulk import (Upload Template ) via a template head to > Products > Imports > Product import 


Column H and I is the total amount of product the site will be buying in – usually in weight (grams), volume (ml) or arbitrary (each).

Column N and O is usually the method or quantity the customer or site will order.


So 6 bottles of 500ml sauce in a case would be;


Colum H – 3000

Column I – ml


Column K – 6

Column L – each


N – 1

O – case


For more information please see - Getting Started with the Supplier Gateway