How to Transfer stock - Transfers

Use Transfers to record stock movement between inventories.

Please note: in the Transfers module, there's 2 options to Transfer stock. You can create a New Transfer, or a New Requisition. Fundamentally these two options do the same thing - they move stock between Outlet Inventory Counts, but the difference is perspective. 

If you are sending stock to another outlet, and wish to record this, then you need to add a New Transfer.
If you wish to request stock from another outlet, then you need to create a New Requisition Request. 

Transfers - send stock to another inventory

Step 1

Select 'Transfers' from the 'Inventory' tab, then select 'New Transfer'

Step 2

- Add a 'Stock transfer request name'. You can also include a Req Number and Reference (optional)

- Select the Outlet and Class you are transferring FROM and the Outlet and Class you are transferring TO. 

If you are transferring a product from one product class to another in the same outlet you would select that outlet for both 'FROM outlet' and 'TO outlet'. You can also select a LIST at this stage to choose a pre-defined selection of items to Transfers. 

Step 3

Once you have selected the FROM and TO inventories, the system will show you the available in-stock items in the FROM outlet inventory count. You can search, and filter this list (note it runs over multiple pages).

Simply enter the quantity to be transferred of the item, and select the green trolley to select this item. This will add the value to the Total at the bottom of the page. 

You can then search and add as many more items as you like. 

Step 4

If you want to review what you've added to the Transfer so far, Reset the filters, and then apply the 'Only selected items' tickbox, and Search. This will show you the items you have selected. 

Step 5

Select Create 


Ensure your Settings are configured correctly

  • If the 'Auto confirm stock transfers' setting (Settings > Inventory > Preferences) is set to 'Yes' the transfer will be processed automatically, immediately depleting the stock in the FROM inventory, and depositing it into the TO inventory.

    If that setting is set to 'No' the site receiving the transfer will need to accept it first. 

  • You will need to ensure you apply the Stock Transfer Options setting (in Settings > Inventory > Stock Transfer Options). This is where you enable where each Outlet can Transfer to.
    Ordinarily, users will only be able to Transfer between outlets they have access to based on their user profile permissions. This setting grants the option to record transfers TO other sites.

    Please note, a single-outlet user will only be able to record Transfers FROM their own outlet, but may select TO outlets according to the Stock Transfer Options.

    If a single-outlet user needs to move stock TO their own outlet FROM elsewhere, they would need to either raise this as a Requisition Request, or ask a user at the FROM outlet to create the Transfer record on Kitchen Cut.