How to transfer Recipes and Subrecipes?

This guide explains how to transfer subrecipes and recipes

When you record a Transfer you are moving stock items between different Outlet Inventory Count (OIC) records. You therefore need to have the items available in the 'FROM' inventory in order to be able to transfer them into the 'TO' inventory. This rule also applies to transferring Recipes. You need to have the Recipe listed and available in the FROM OIC to be able to Transfer it. 

Your OIC can hold stock as Products, Subrecipes, or Recipes. You may have Subrecipes or Recipes in stock if you have either counted stock of these items in an opening count, or have used the 'Create Recipe from Ingredients tool' in the OIC. You can see this in your OIC, if you choose to View. The top table will be Products, with Subrecipe and Recipes in separated tables beneath. You can see this in the screenshot below.

*If you don't have the subrecipe/recipes in your FROM OIC, or you don't see the Subrecipe or Recipe tables at all then check out how to create recipes from ingredients here:

In the above screenshot it shows an inventory with 5000ml of subrecipe Caesar Dressing in stock. As this is listed in stock as a subrecipe, it can be transferred as the subrecipe (as opposed to having to transfer the individual ingredients). If you go to Transfers > New Transfer then you'll see the following screen, including the option to filter by Type, which then allows you to easily select the specific items you want to transfer:

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 17.23.08

Then, simply select the quantity you wish to transfer and click the green basket button. Then just click Create. 

Once done, depending on your settings, you may need the transfer to be confirmed, or the stock may move straight away. You'll then see this reflected on your inventories. 


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