How to set up Sales Categories

This article shows how to create sales categories.These will determine how you can categorise your Menu Items and how the system will group sales data.

Navigate to Settings > Sales > Sales Categories. 

To create new categories, select Add New. Name the category as assign it into the appropriate class (normally Food, Beverage or Consumbles). Then select Create. 

Once done, you can click on the Sales Hierarchy tab to see how your categories are structured by class.

When creating or editing Menu Items in the POS module, you will see this hierarchy is available to select from in the category dropdown. 

Please note, if you are operating a CPU, you will need to set up Sales Categories not only for items represented in outlet sales through EPOS, but also for the items 'sold' by the CPU to the outlets via orders placed as internal requisitions on Kitchen CUT CPU functionality. An example is shown below.