How to manage Classes

This guide details how you can manage the classes within your Kitchen Cut system.

Applies to:
This guide is for system administrators and shows how to manage the inventory classes set on your account.


Please note, you will need the necessary user permissions (Settings > Can manage business) in order to do this.

Classes are also referred to as Purchasing Classes, Inventory Classes, Sales Classes, and Outlet Class within the system depending on the area of functionality concerned. These are all essentially the same thing and can be managed in Settings > Business > Outlet Classes.

When you go to Settings > Business > Outlet Classes, you will see the list of classes configured on your system as below:

Choose Actions and you will see you can either Edit or Delete Classes. You can also Add new classes using the green button at the top of the page. 

One class on your system will be indicated as 'Global' - this essentially equates to 'Default'. This class will be used as the default for any records for which the class is not otherwise known. This is generally a failsafe as generally the class is a necessary in order to create any records in KC - the exception being sales data from EPOS when the items are unpaired and therefore the class is not known.

If a class is indicated as 'Global', this means it cannot be deleted. If you wish to remove this class you will need to first assign a different class as Global. You will see this as a tickbox option when you Edit classes. 

Deleting Classes
Please note when deleting classes you will be asked to select a new Class to merge all records associated with the deleted class into. Be wary that this can cause issues if you are not aware of all records on this system.

It is recommended that you DO NOT delete a class if Outlet Inventory Counts already exist for this class.

If you're unsure its often better to remove users access to classes than deleting the class altogether. If you are concerned about removing classes, don't hesitate to contact for advice.

Still Need Help? 

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a support ticket here or by emailing us at We'll be happy to help!