How to Manage Business Preferences by Location for Global Accounts

This article will show you how to edit location preferences in business settings including tax rates and currencies.

When you complete the initial set up of your portal, the global settings will populate across all locations.  You can then log in to each location and edit the preferences that are required for a specific location.

1.) Login to your portal and select the required location from the location drop down

2.) Navigate to Settings>Business>Preferences

3.) Any of the preferences with an edit button are configurable by location.

When you select edit You will see the existing global value and you then have have the ability to change to a local value.

4. ) Once you have made an adjustment to a setting you must select update to save the change.

Once updated you will see a red restore button that will enable you to revert back to global settings should you need to.


Tax/VAT % Setting

When you are adjusting the Tax/VAT % you have the option of applying the setting across menus, recipes and sub recipes.  Please ensure this is ticked if required before you update.

If tax/VAT is applied at the end of the bill then the tax/VAT% should be set to zero in the local setting.  This is typical in the US, Canada and Middle East.