How to export Menu Items

This guide shows how you can export your Menu Items from the POS section in Kitchen Cut

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This guide is for users looking to export their Menu Items from Kitchen Cut. Menu Items are sales profiles that link recipes and ingredients in Kitchen Cut to your EPOS item profiles. 

If you want to Export your Menu Items from Kitchen Cut just go to POS > Post to POS, and then choose the Manual Export tab at the top of the page:

You will then be able to choose exactly which Menu Items you want to Export. You can select Menu Items that are shared to a specific outlet, or from a specific class. You could also choose export Paired or Unpaired items in the Item Type dropdown.  You can also choose the filetype to export as. 

When you've chosen these just click Export, and the selected information will download to a CSV or XLS file depending on which you chose, named 'menu-item-export'. This will look like the file shown below, where the id relates to the specific Menu Item profile, the code, name, selling_price, tax_value and sales_class come from the Menu Item profile, and the supplier_name, item_type, item_code, unit_size, and unit relate to the 'Source item' - the product/s or recipe/s this Menu Item is Paired to.

You may be exporting the Menu Items just as a reference or backup, or you may wish to make changes to these, and prefer to deal with these by exporting and re-import, to make updates in bulk. If you've made amendments to the file, save it, then go to POS > Get from POS, and choose the Import tab at the top of the page, and drop in your updated file to Import the changes. Although this can be a practical way of making changes to lots of Menu Items, it is often easier to do this manually within the system itself, by editing each Menu Item in turn. 

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