How to Create CPU Products and Catalogue Items

Step by step guide for creating CPU products for all items distributed from your Central Production Unit

Step 1 Create CPU Recipes

1.  Log into the CPU Location on your system
Please note, your outlet hierarchy may differ from the example below.

2.  Create the CPU Recipe or Sub Recipe.

Fill in recipe form as usual, then click Save and Create Menu Item. 


Step 2 Create CPU Menu Items

When you select ‘Save and Create Menu Item’, the system will open up the ‘Add new menu item’ form. Fill this in to create a ‘Sales profile’ for this recipe. This represents the entity that the CPU will 'sell' to the outlets. 

Please note how you set your Selling Price here - if you transfer at cost price, you will need to take note of the cost from the Source Item, and copy this into the Actual Selling Price field. If you want to apply a mark-up then this will also need to be reflected in the Financial Settings. VAT/TAX can be set to zero or applied as appropriate. 

Step 3 Create Product Profile from CPU Menu Item

1.  Go to POS > Menu Items. Here you will see the Menu Item you created in the previous step. Select Actions > Create Product.

2. You will then see the below screen. Under Supplier, Select the CPU supplier profile. You will also need to select a class and can add secondary units where necessary. Save once complete.



The product or Catalogue Item is now available to be used. This means that outlets can place orders for the item with the CPU.