How to Approve an Invoice

Once you have confirmed a delivery you can now review and approve the invoice for this delivery.

The article takes you through confirming a delivery.


  • Now that your stock is checked in, you will notice your invoice is already ready for approval.
  • You can navigate from the main dashboard to invoices or from within your ‘Confirmed Record of Stock Received’ as shown below.
  • From either route, you land in the detail of your invoice > Check each line against your paper version > make any adjustments as needed.
  • If ALL items are correct as they are, simply click on ‘Approve’ (and a new notification will be sent to your accounts payable team).
  • If you need to make adjustments then do so as required, followed by clicking on ‘Approve’.
  • Take a photo of the invoice and attach, or attach the original invoice file supplied - this will help speed up the accounting reconciliation process.

NOTE: Across the system we have quick links to each connected transaction > this being important for analysis during reconciliation


Dealing With Credits

We’ve separated out the use of credits in to today’s world where they are only relevant if you are billed in the traditional way... This means...

- Traditional: Your invoice includes ALL items ordered regardless of any returns
- Self-billing (also known as ‘clean billing’): Your invoice ONLY includes those items checked in (received) i.e. MINUS returns

  • If you are ‘Self-billing’ there is no need to worry about Credits at all.
  • However, if you do follow the traditional route do not fret.
  • If at the point of delivery you do return items, as shown by screens below, then your invoices and credits will both generate, removing the need to tap anything in.
  • I4
  • From here, you need to track and reconcile...
  • When you receive your credits from your vendor, you can cross-check the details, ensuring the values are correct.
  • If you’re happy with the credit, ‘Approve’ it and then it’s over to your Accounts Payable team