How to send Price Files to Customers from the Gateway

A step by step guide to assigning prices and sending price files to customers from your Gateway account

Step 1

1.  Login to your Gateway account and select Price lists>Create new

2.  Add the price list name and change the expiration date

(this will be overridden the next time a price file is submitted so we recommend choosing a date a year away for example)

3.  Save and Continue

Step 2

'Select Customer'  and 'Assign Customer'

Step 3

Click in the box of the appropriate customer and select 'Done'

Step 4

Tick the box on the left of the chosen customer and select 'Continue to product selection'

Step 5

1.  If you have already created a price list you can search and select that list

2.  If you have not created a price list you can 'Add products manually'

Step 6

1.  Select the products you will be allocating for the selected customer.  Tick the box at the top for all products.

2.  From the drop down 'Do with selected' click 'Add selected'

Step 7

1.  Change the price of the products if necessary

2.  If you need to remove a product you can click the the box on the left of the product and select 'Remove selected' from the drop down 'Do with selected'

3.  Save changes to products by ticking the box (top box for all) on the left of the product and select 'Save changes' from the drop down 'Do with selected'.

4. Select 'Send to Customer'

Your customer will get an email notification that a price list has been sent.  Once they have accepted the price list into their system the status of the price list will change from 'Sent' to 'Closed'

If your customer wants to negotiate pricing you will see a flag against the sent price list.  When you click the list it will give you the explanation of the flag. In the case below  'SOME PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SENT FOR PRICE MODERATION'

In that case you would select the 'Actions' drop down and select 'Review/edit'

Update the price to what you are willing to compromise to and 'Save prices and submit to KitchenCut'

If your customer accepts you will see the status as 'Closed'