How to Add Video Guides to Recipes and Sub Recipes

A step by step guide for adding video guides to recipes and sub recipes through YouTube and Vimeo video links

Step 1

Select recipe or sub recipe that you will be adding the video link to

Menu costing>Recipe or Sub recipe


Step 2

Select 'Actions' on the right of the chosen recipe/sub recipe  and click edit on the drop down list


Step 3

Scroll down the page until you see the videos area


Step 4

Open a new tab or window and copy the link  for the Youtube or Vimeo video.  Only copy the text after the equals sign


Step 5

Paste the copied link into the the 'add Youtube video' or  add 'Vimeo video field'



Step 6

Select 'Update' at the bottom right of the page

Your video is now ready to view on the recipe