How to Add a New Product

Guide to adding new products to you Kitchen CUT system.

Step by Step Guide: How to add a new product 

If you are unable to find a specific product to create your recipes, you can quickly and simply add products to the system, here’s how… 

How to add a single product to the system 

A product can be added to the existing supplier list by following these steps: 

    • Click on Ordering > Products
    • Then click “Add New”

    You will be taken to the below form: 

    You will need to fill in the following fields: 

    • Product name - supplier name of product 
    • Code – here you can just put in any code/number (needs to be more than 3 digits long) 
    • Supplier - if you start to type the name of the supplier it will drop down to show the supplier name, please click on the desired supplier.

    • Select a category – click on drop down and choose which category the product should go into e.g. bakery, fruit & veg, fish, meat etc (or leave as default)
    • Click Allergens: Chose if there are any allergens from the list in the product
    • Product Type: select Food.
    • Price – please enter in an approximate price for the product 
    • Total UOM/Select a unit - choose the weight/volume measurement that you are buying the product in (kg, g, litre, ml etc) NB: try to always use weight/volume measurements here, rather than arbitrary 'each' measures. 

    Please also complete the following optional fields: 

    • Total units 
    • Net weight – used if you are buying a product which has a net weight and a drained weight, e.g. a jar of olives, a tin of tuna etc 
    • Expiration date 
    • Pack size 
    • Split pack – this is if you can split the pack of what you’re buying (e.g. you buy 1kg of flour, but the supplier allows you to split this into two bags of flour each 500g) 
    • Tax class – Please enter your country’s tax  
    • Note 

    Then click ‘create’ 

    Please see example below:

    Then Click ‘Create’ You can now add your product into your recipes.