How To Add A Manual Credit Note

This is used when you want to create a credit note after you have received a delivery and have accepted the products in and you find a fault / want to return something

  • Click on “Accounting” 
  • Then click on “Credits”

Picture 1-2

  • Then Click “add new” 
You will then be taken to the following screen:

Picture 2-2


  • An automated “Credit Note Number” has already been created for you 
  • You can then choose the specific outlet and purchasing class if applicable 
  • The date is automatically entered for you 
  • You will need to select the supplier you want to return the products to 
  • Then select the products and the quantity you want to return 
  • You can also add notes and images to the credit note to notify the supplier about why you have returned this 

Picture 3-1

  • You can then “Save as a draft”,”Save and approve” or “Save and add another” 

NB:- You may not have access to save and approve depending on your user level - see your system administrator if ‘save and approve’ is not enabled for you 

                                                 Picture 4-1


  • Now you can view all the Automated Credits and Manual Credits in your system which are sitting as ‘Open’ by navigating to Accounting > Credits > Open 
  • Whoever has access to approve these can approve once the credit has been received from the supplier by clicking on Actions > Approve – the credit note will then move to the ‘Approved’ tab 

Picture 5-1

If the above is unsuccessful please contact our support team at and log a support ticket via the Kitchen CUT Customer Support Portal  (accessible through your Kitchen CUT site).