How to accept email orders

This guide is for suppliers - when receiving email orders placed from a Kitchen Cut account, this is how suppliers can accept.

When you receive an email order submitted from a customer's Kitchen Cut account, you will receive an email to your inbox that looks something like the screenshot below.

Please ensure you click the link highlighted in red - this will open a webpage as shown below, where the order is detailed and can be moderated. You can Accept, Accept with adjustments, or Decline the order. 

Accept: you accept the order as it is. 
Accept with adjustments: you are able to fulfil part of the order but not all of it. You can detail any adjustments (these could be out of stock items, substitutes, or price discrepancies) in the notes at the bottom of this page before selecting 'Accept with adjustments'. This will give advanced warning to your customers of any changes to their order. Please note, you cannot edit the items, quantities or prices on this record - the customer will manage this from within their Kitchen Cut account - but you can flag any required amendments using this option
Decline: you reject the whole order. 

Once you have chosen one of these options then your customer will be notified. This step is crucial in allowing your customer to continue their workflow - ie. so that they can record receipt of stock when delivered, so it's really essential that the link is followed and the order actioned.

No further communication about this Purchase Order is supported within Kitchen Cut. Once the order has been accepted/declined, any further comms will need to take place via other channels. 

Please note, email orders will also be submitted with an attached .xml file that details the order. This is built to GS1 XML standards for EDI Ordering. 

If you're interested in automating your connection with Kitchen Cut using EDI, then please get in touch here.