How to accept product updates submitted via the Supplier Gateway

This guide shows how to review the product price files that your suppliers have submitted through their Gateway accounts.

1. Navigate to Suppliers > PriceLists > Gateway Pricing. 
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 12.37.37

Here you will see any records that have been uploaded by your suppliers. If they are yet to be accepted, they will have a status of "Open", as below. 

Select the Actions dropdown on the right-hand side, and choose View. This will then show you the full breakdown of products that the supplier has submitted. 

Scroll right view:

This view will show the full detail of the products, including highlighting whether these are new products or updates to existing products. If the supplier has submitted updates to products that already exist on your system, you will see the existing spec, price and allergens against the new product info, so you can clearly identify what updates have been made. 

At this point you can review all products. To view more items on one page, select the 'Show entries' selection on the top right, choosing how many items to view. 

If you are happy to accept the products/updates into your system you can simply select "Import all without adjustments" at the bottom of the list. 

Alternatively you can use the tickboxes on the left-hand side to select specific products, then use the 'Do with Selected' dropdown at the bottom of the page to action as you require. 

The available actions are to either Accept, Decline, or Submit a new price for review. 

Accept - this will make the product updates live in your system. 

Submit new price - this will allow you to reject the price the supplier has sent, and suggest a different price. This price will then be submitted back to the supplier to review. 

Decline - this will reject the product updates, and will have no effect on the existing products in your system. 

Once you have Accepted or Imported products, you will then see these effected in your Products list (Suppliers > Products). All Market List Templates and Area Stock Take Templates will also be updated with these product changes. 

Please note, there may be a delay between Accepting product updates and the items showing in your Products (Suppliers > Products) - the process to update or create new product profiles requires queuing so you may see updates filter in over the course of 5 minutes or so, depending on the number of updates accepted.