Order Summary report

This guide shows how to check the quantity and value ordered of a particular product

Applies to:
This guide is for Ordering users looking to view reports on their ordering data


The Orders Summary report shows a summary of Purchase Order records created.  This can be used to check how much of a given product was ordered over the course of a particular timeframe. Please note, the Purchase Orders summary will show a summary based on all Purchase Order records created, so you may prefer to use the Deliveries Summary report in the Deliveries tab. It works the same way, but only shows a summary of Delivery records. 

To use this report go to Ordering > Purchase Orders. If you have permission to view the Order Summary this will automatically place you on the Order Summary tab:

Then just run the report according to whatever constraints you want to report on. You can select from Outlet and Inventory Class, choose to search by a custom Daterange, or according to your Inventory Periods, and filter by particular Suppliers and/or Product Categories.

Select the options you need and then click Search.

You will then see the results of your search in the table below. This will group by items and show a list of linked PO numbers that each item has been ordered on, as well as a summed quantity and value of orders created.

The table is rolled up to show:
> Outlet
    > Class
        > Category
The table can be expanded or collapsed as necessary. Please note, the report will summarise your orders by Outlet. It is not possible to get a rolled up report to show all orders of a given product across multiple Outlets, but this can be inferred from the report by totalling results for multiple outlets. 

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