How to Replace a Supplier

This guide shows how to replace a supplier in KitchenCUT.

To replace a supplier, you will need to start by adding the new (replacement) supplier's products into the system.

Then begin the replacement process by navigating to the old supplier record in Ordering > Suppliers > Suppliers. Then select Actions > Replace Supplier. 

This is going to completely completely remove the existing supplier from the system and allow us to substitute like-for-like products where they have been used in recipe or menu items. It's important that you DO NOT 'replace supplier' in this way if you want to continue using some of the suppliers products. 

Once you have confirmed that you wish to Replace Supplier, the system will show you the 'Find & Replace Screen', where it will list any products from the old supplier that are currently in use (ie. in recipes or menu items). 

In the right-hand side you can search for new products to replace these old ones. 

Work through the list ensuring you have selected appropriate replacements for all products.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to replace products in this way they must have like-for-like units - ie. the system cannot accurately convert the amount of a product listed in a weight measure (g, kg, oz) in a recipe to the same amount of a new product thats listed in volume (ml, l). This would make recipes wrong, so the system will not allow you to do this. If you wish to replace a product with a new product that is listed under a different unit type, then you must manually replace in each recipe. 

Once you have selected appropriate replacements, choose your replacement settings at the bottom of the page. Select which outlets this replacement needs to happen for, and whether you want to swap products across recipes, menu items, market lists, stock lists. 

Then just click 'Replace' in the bottom right corner of the screen to complete the process.