Editing Profile Information

This guide will show you how you can edit your own profile data:

Step-by-step guide: 

  • Click on your name in the top left-hand corner: 

Picture 1-4

Picture 2-4

  • You can change your username 
  • You can change your name 
  • You can change your email address 
  • You can change the country you operate in 
  • You can change the language the site is in (please note, any recipes created will remain in the language they are written in) 
  • You can change or add a photo 
  • You can change your own password to something more memorable 
  • Then click “Update”.

If the above is unsuccessful please contact our support team at support@kitchencut.com and log a support ticket via the Kitchen CUT Customer Support Portal  (accessible through your Kitchen CUT site).