Creating a New User

Create a new user in your Kitchen Cut portal

Navigate to:

  1. >Settings
  2. >Team
  3. >Users
  4. Click >Create User

In "Create User" page, enter required information starting with the basics (username, name, email, address)


Country - ensure you select the users correct country Drop down list

Maximum Order Limit (per day) - set the max amount of orders you want this user to be able to place.  Leave blank for unlimited.

Member Group - assign the user to the required User Group you want them to be in

Menu Costing:Can allow view from - set the outlets that the user can see the Menu Costings for

Revenue outlets - select any additional outlets you want the user be able to access


  1. Click >Create
  2. User will automatically be sent email asking them to click on the included link to set a password.