Close your stocks

This guide shows how to finalise a stock take in Kitchen CUT and close off an Outlet Inventory Count period.

If this is the first time a stock take has been entered for the particular inventory, please review this guide instead. If you already have an Outlet Inventory Count you wish to close at the end of your inventory/accounting period, then this is the guide for you! 

Ahead of the following, you will need to enter a stock take and have a single record (either AST or CST) of that stock take. For more information about this please review the stock take video guides here:

1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock Takes > Outlet Inventory Count


2. Use the filters to select the inventory record you need. Then Select Actions > Manage Closing. 

You will then see the following pop-up window. This allows you to name your new inventory period. You can either name according to date as below, or change to a date based on inventory cycles, eg. if you count stock weekly then your cycles may be named Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc. Select Manage Closing. 

Please note: ahead of selecting Manage Closing, it is good practice to ensure all Deliveries, Wastage Records, Transfers and Sales Records that apply to the closing period have been recorded and have taken effect on stock holding. 

3. You will now see your new inventory record listed above the ending period. Select Actions > Manage Preview on your 'Closing' record. 

4. You will then go to a new page where a pop-up will appear allowing you to 'Load' an AST or CST. Select the relevant record (if you have a Consolidated Stock Take, select this by choosing the correct Routine type). Select 'Load' against your stock take record. 

The system will then populate the Preview table (New Period column) with the stock counts from the loaded record. You can review any variances and correct your counts where appropriate in this table - if you run recounts and have to make amendments, just update the total in the New Period column. 

Once you have reviewed and are happy that the totals in the New Period column are correct to what is physically in stock on-site, then you are all set to finalise and close off the inventory period. 

5. Select the Actions dropdown (at the top or bottom of the page) and choose 'Commit Final Positions'. 


6. If you now return to Inventory > Stock Takes > Outlet Inventory Count, then you'll see the Closing period has now been marked as Closed. Your reviewed stock count total has been logged as the Period Close for the period ending, and has updated the Period Open for the new period as well. Your stock take is complete. Repeat as necessary for other Outlets and/or Inventory Classes.