Add products to stock templates

For full detail of stock counts and managing templates, please watch the video guide articles. This guide shows 2 ways to add items to existing Area Stock Templates.

1. Add directly into templates by search

Once you have created an Area Stock Take template, you can add to it by choosing Actions > Edit.

You can then use the relevant search bars to add either Products, Subrecipes, or Recipes to your area template, to map out what items are stored in that area. 

Please note, you can re-order these to reflect the order items are stored within that area. Drag and drop with the three horizontal lines to do this. 

2. Add from Products list

Go to Ordering Products, and refine the list however you like using the search and filters at the top of the page. The use the tick-boxes on the left-hand side to select chosen ingredients that you wish to add to a stock template.

Once you have selected the ingredients you wish to add, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the 'Do with selected' dropdown. If you select this, you'll see the following options. 

Select 'Add selected to AST Template. This will prompt the below dialogue box where you can find and select the appropriate Area Stock Take Template.