Add a new product manually

This guide shows how to add products to your Kitchen CUT system

Step by Step Guide: How to add a new product

This guide is for adding individual products and is a quick and easy way to list additional products on the system. You can also bulk upload products by using the product import option. 

How to add a single product to the system 

A product can be added to the existing supplier list by following these steps: 

    • Click on Ordering > Products
    • Then click “Add New”

    You will be taken to the below form: 

    You will need to fill in the following fields: 

    • Product name - supplier name of product 
    • Code – here you can just put in any code/number (needs to be more than 3 digits long) 
    • Supplier - if you start to type the name of the supplier it will drop down to show the supplier name, please click on the desired supplier, or type a new supplier name and click the + on the right-hand side to create the new supplier. 

    • Select a category – click on drop down and choose which category the product should go into. Don't forget,  you can customise these categories in Settings > Menu Costing > Product Categories. 
    • Click Allergens: Choose if there are any allergens from the list in the product.
    • Product Type: select Food.
    • Price – please enter the suppliers price for the product.
    • Total UOM/Select a unit - choose the weight/volume measurement that you are buying the product in (kg, g, litre, ml etc) NB: try to always use weight/volume measurements here, rather than arbitrary 'each' measures. 

    Please also complete the following optional fields: 

    • Total units (a secondary unit description). 
    • Net weight – used if you are buying a product which has a net weight, or a drained weight, e.g. a jar of olives, a tin of tuna etc - this is effectively the yield of the product, and is expressed in the same units as the Total UOM.
    • Expiration date 
    • Pack size 
    • Split pack – this is if you can split the pack of what you’re buying and purchase less than the pack size quantity
    • Tax class – Please enter your country’s tax  
    • Note 

    Then click ‘create’ 

    Please see example below:

    Then Click ‘Create’ and you can now add your product into your recipes.