Accounting codes - Revenue Outlets

You are able to set accounting codes against each revenue outlet

Within the system the following fields are available to post against;

- Accounting Cost Centre

- Accounting Department 

- Buyer GLN


A visual example is below;

These can be used to set up account numbers, regional cost centres or even company cost centre - and can be completely bespoke to each client.

They are also not compulsory fields and can be used as individual fields or a combination of 2 or all 3. 

The most commonly used is the 'accounting cost centre' and this appears on may of the accounting exports within the system

To set the fields > Settings > Business > Revenue Outlets - search - > Edit 


N.B you can also add outlet account numbers against a supplier profile which will be visible when sending PO's to suppliers either via email or through the The F+B GateWay

To enter supplier specific account numbers > Ordering > Suppliers > Edit - Outlet account numbers