What to do when a product has been imported or added with the incorrect Unit of Measure

When an incorrect unit of measure has been used in a product it cannot be changed by going into the product and editing it. This article will explain how to resolve this issue.

If a product has been imported without the correct units then it cannot be changed by going in to the product and changing it.  It needs to be deleted and then adjusted on the import sheet.

If the product has been used in recipes, sub recipes or menu items then:

  • You cannot delete it
  • You cannot find and replace the product with the new units as it wont let you swap a product over that has different units of measure.

These are the steps required to resolve this:

1.)  You will need create a second product with a different product code that is NOT in use by that supplier already

2.)  Search which recipes the product is in use through the “Knife and Fork” option and then replace manually with the new product.

3.) Delete the old product and remember to edit the product code back to the correct one in to the new product.

Best practise tips:

1.)  Check all products and their units before importing and never use a product that has incorrect data

2.)  Always ensure that as a minimum there is the primary and secondary unit in the system and if possible the pack size, which makes it much easier for Ordering, suppliers, stock taking and writing recipes

3.) Don’t forget that the price relates to all the units and they all must match for example:

If a box of cucumbers cost £10 and there is 12 in each box and they average 125grm each the system should ideally be set up as