The F+B GateWay

An introduction to the F+B GateWay; a specialist platform brought to you by Kitchen CUT.

Kitchen CUT’s F+B Gateway ( )  is a completely FREE platform; encouraging fair trade, industry growth, promoting shared success and sustainable service levels to all parties involved.

For vendors around the world, it’s fast, easy-to-use and completely accessible, instantly integrating you with your customers, connecting you directly to your source of revenue.

Register for FREE

To get started, all you need to do is register your business. Once registered you will receive your GateWay credentials which will allow you to log in.

Complete your company profile and you’re good to go.

All members of the Gateway appear in the F+B Engine’s vendor marketplace allowing them to connect direct, quickly and easily.



Connecting up to customers is quick and easy; the process is started by the customer requesting to connect. 

Any new connection requests will appear under 'new invitations' 



2. Once connected up you will be able to; 

i) Create your catalogue either by creating products individually;

> Products > Create new Product 

or bulk uploading via a template;

>Products > Import > Product import

Upload Template


Please head to How to upload products to your Gateway catalogue to start creating your online catalogue or Getting Started with the Supplier Gateway for more information