Replacing & Deleting Individual Products – on a single-site account

This guide will assist you in replacing several ingredients with another ingredient:

Common reasons you may want to do this: 

  1. You already have the product in the system but you want to change it from one product to another across all your recipes/sub recipes and menus 
  2. The product has been discontinued by the supplier and you need to swap it out across all your recipes/sub recipes and menus 
  3. You want to change the supplier for that product to another supplier, because you are not happy with the quality or the price 


      To change one or several products in the system and ensure that these changes feed through to your recipes/sub recipes and menus. 

      Depending on whether you want to remove the old product or you wish to keep it in the system is up to you. But there are 2 different processes you must follow: 

      First you must ensure that the new product has been correctly imported/added to the system - see product import guides. 

      If you wish to keep the old product in the system: 

      • Click on Menu Costing > Products 
      • Then click on “Find and Replace” 
      • Search for the product you want to replace in the box showing “Change Product” where it says “Enter Product name” 

      Picture 1

      • Click on the product you want to replace;
      • Then search for the product you want to replace it with, click on that product;
      • Then Click "Replace". 

      What this will do is replace: 

      • The old product for the new one in every single sub recipe/recipe and menu that product has been used in 
      • It will re-calculate all of the sub recipe/recipe and menu costings 
      • It will also change the allergens on all sub recipes/recipes and menus if these have changed with the new/replaced product and the product was tagged with allergens initially  

      NB:- the old product will still be in the system and will still be able to be used 

      • If you wish to remove or delete any products on a single site you can delete the products that do not have a red line under the box next to them (the red line means that the product is being used in a sub recipe/recipe, as below) 

      Picture 2

      • If you want to remove/delete the product WITH the red line you need to find & replace as mentioned above, as the system will not allow the deletion of a used item 
      • If you want to delete the product WITHOUT the red line under it: 
      • Click Actions > Delete 

      Picture 3

      • You will not have the option to delete a product with a red line under the box 

      You can multi delete products by:- 

      • Selecting multiple products you want to delete via checking the tick-box next to the products you want to delete

      Picture 4

      • OR by multi-selecting them all by clicking the tick-box next to “code” 

      Picture 5

      • At the bottom right of the page, click on the “Do with selected” drop down menu  
      • Then click “Delete products” 

      Picture 6