Replacing & Deleting Individual Products – (on a multi-site account, with shared recipes fed down from Head Office account)

This guide will assist you in replacing ingredients with another ingredient.

Common reasons that you may wish to do this: 

  1. You already have a product in the system but you want to change it from one item to another across all your recipes / sub recipes and menus (e.g. Hellman’s mayonnaise to Heinz mayonnaise) 
  2. The product has been discontinued by the supplier and you need to swap it out across all your recipes/sub recipes and menus for the product that will replace it 
  3. You want to change the supplier for a particular product to another supplier, because you are not happy with the quality or the price the price (same product, different supplier)  


      • To change one or several products in the system, ensuring all recipes/sub recipes and menus are changed at the same time 
      • Depending on whether you want to remove the old product or you wish to keep it at Head office level is up to you 

      NB:- First you must ensure that the new product has been correctly imported/added and shared with the various locations to the system - see product import guides 

      If you have shared sub recipes/recipes across to the various locations from Head office. 

      Firstly, at Head Office level, you need to adjust the products you want to change, then wait for those to sync (please be aware that the syncing of products can take up to 24 hours, depending on how your sync repeat is set up) 

      See below steps on how to action this yourself: 

      • Go to Head Office account 
      • Click on Menu costing > Products
      • Click on “Find and Replace” 


      • Then start to search for the products you want to replace by typing in their name 
      • Ensure the product is from the correct supplier that you want to change from, then click on the chosen product 
      • Then on the right-hand side, choose the product you want to change the redundant product to ;



      • Then search for the product you want to replace it to


      • Click “Replace” 

      This will then update all of the products you have changed that are sitting in sub recipes and recipes JUST at Head Office level 

      If the sub recipe/recipe is shared with any of the other operations it will be shared and updated during the next recipe “Auto-Sync” run (please contact us if you have any questions or need this sync set up) 

      NB:- Recipes will NOT change immediately at your other locations until the next auto-sync run has taken place 

      What this will do is replace:  

      • The old product for the new one in every single sub recipe/recipe and menus where that product has been used 
      • It will re-calculate all the sub recipes/recipes and menus depending on the new price of the new/updated product 
      • It will also change the allergens on all the sub recipes/recipes and menus if there is a change to these and the product was tagged with allergens initially 

      Once the sync has taken place you can then remove the old product at location level 

      • If your various locations/sites have created ANY sub recipes/recipes at their individual location level you need to un-share the product to force a Find and Replace at each location 
      • If you do not share ANY sub recipes/recipes down from Head Office level then you can move straight to the above bullet point and ignore the initial steps on this guide