How to merge Products

This article will show you how to merge Products within the system. This is an extension of the current Product Find and Replace functionality.

The Product Merge functionality can be used when you have more than one entry for the same product, but with different product codes.  You can merge or replace one of the Products with the other.

For example, there are two entries for the following product, which are the same apart from the Product Code:




We will merge/replace the product with Product Code ABCDE with the Product Code 12345.  Within the Actions button against the Product Code ABCDE, select 'Replace':




You will receive the following warning message, but click the 'Replace' button to proceed:



The 'Find & Replace' screen will then show:


In this screen:

  • Enter the product that the product is being merged/replaced into in the 'To Product' field.
  • Select the relevant locations that the merged product is to be available at in the 'Replace products in selected outlets' field
  • Tick all the boxes in the 'Replace Settings' options



Once the entries have been filled in, click on the 'Replace' button in the bottom left hand corner of this screen.

In the 'My Products' screen, only the single entry will be shown for this product, with the product that has been merged no longer shown.


Once you have merged the products to the now master product, the replaced product will no longer show in all of the following, with only the master product being shown: within them:


  • Sub recipes & recipes
  • Menu Items
  • Market List Templates
  • Product List Templates
  • Area Stock Take Templates

Any historical reports which included the entry for the product that has now been replaced, will still show this old product entry, but the line within the report will show highlighted in red to indicate that the product is no longer available.  Such as in historical Area & Consolidated Stock Takes and Outlet Inventory Counts.


Once products have been merged, you will need to ensure that the remaining master product is set with the correct Category and Item Class so that the product can be set within Stocks correctly.