How To Confirm a Delivery

After Ordering, comes Deliveries - an important part of the purchasing cycle that then passes information and action to Accounts Payable.

Be sure to check all line items, quantities, price levels, as well as returns, as these are all critical to ensure that you are not over or under paying your vendors of choice. This can impact on cash flow instantly!

Getting Started

  • Starting for the first time, log into your account dashboard.
  • Click on any of the blue outlined links as shown in the screen shot below.
  • Here you will see a list of ‘accepted’ Purchase Orders.

  • When your order arrives, find the relevant record and click on ‘Confirm Items’.
  • If the supplier hasn't accepted the order you can do so on their behalf within the relevant PO by either selecting 'Decline' (to cancel) or 'accept' to receive in the delivery

    NB - if the supplier is linked through the Gateway and the Gateway orders functionality is on you will not be able to accept or decline on the suppliers behalf. As the two systems are fully linked the supplier will need to complete their side of the process to enable the system updates. 
    See  Gateway settings for more information on the Gateway features

Recording Stock Received

  • Once you are ready to ‘Confirm your Items’ you will see that the system has converted your original Purchase Order into your Goods Received Note (GRN).
  • First of all, check each line item - important here to cross-check the physical item as well as the delivery note or invoice that has been given by the vendor driver.
  • If all checks out or if you need to adjust, do so in each line, then click the green confirm button > notice how each item moves from ‘Unresolved’ to ‘Resolved’.
  • If you do need to return an item, click the middle button to the right of the item > choose a reason from the dropdown.
  • If you have received a partial order, then click the 3rd button, where you will be prompted how to split e.g. 2 ways - this will allow you to check in an amount as well as return the same item.
  • In this example, we can scroll and click ‘Confirm’ to complete the delivery process.
  • Once this is complete, your Invoice will be automatically generated, ready for approval.

NOTE: Certain elements are editable here in the RSR header - Add your invoice number, adjust the delivery date, even amend the purchasing class.  All of this information is important for invoicing and the Accounts Payable team.


You can now review the invoice.  See