How To Add / Edit a New Product to a Supplier That Already Exists

This guide will cover: 1) How to add a single product to the system 2) How to edit an existing product within the system

Step-by-step guide 

How to add a single product to the system 

  • A product can either be added to an existing supplier list OR a new product can be created for a new supplier 

Navigate To: 

  • > Create Product (on Dashboard) 


  • Click on “Suppliers” > “Products” 
  • Click “Add New” 

    Input the below details:
  • Product name The name the supplier has given the product 
  • Code - This is the specific product code provided by the supplier 
  • Supplier - If you start to type the name of the supplier and the supplier already exists it will drop down the name for you to click on. If you are entering a product for a new supplier, type the name of the supplier in accurately and click on the “+” sign to add them as a new supplier 
  • Select a category - this will drop down a list of available categories 
  • Price This is the price you are paying the supplier for the product 
  • Total UOM / Select a unit- choose the unit you are buying (e.g. kg, gram, litre, ml) – NB: try to always use weights and measurements here 
  • Total Units This is the secondary unit for the product e.g. 1 box/1 pack/4 cases which relates to the first weight or measurement you entered – so the first weight could be 6kg and the second weight 1 box (so 6kg of the product is also equivalent to 1 box) 
  • Pack size - This can be added, however if you have entered both Total UOM and Total Units it will auto-populate 
  • Split Pack – If the supplier allows you to split the product when ordering (e.g. 1x 6kg box as per the above example, could be ordered as 2 smaller 3kg boxes) you will need to specify this here 
  • Net weight This measurement is rarely used but should always be entered if the product has a net drained weight e.g. a tin of tuna or a tin of beans 
  • Expiration Date – IGNORE (advanced settings only) 
  • Tax class - This can be configured within your site settings 
  • Note Use if you want to make any additional notes on the product 

Then click “Create”  


Editing an Existing product. 

If you want to edit an existing product: 

NB:- You can only edit with a like for like measurement (e.g. a liquid measurement for another liquid measurement, a weight for another weight or a unit for another unit - please contact our support team at if you need to change from one unit of measurement (e.g. litres) to a different unit of measurement (e.g. grams) 

Navigate To: 

  • “Suppliers” > “Products” 
  • Choose the product you want to edit 
  • Click on > Actions 
  • Select > Edit 


  • You can change the name of the product 
  • Do not change the code as this will create a new / duplicated product 
  • Do not change the supplier as this will create a new / duplicated product 
  • You can change the category 
  • You can add or remove allergens 
  • You can change the product type if incorrect 
  • You can change the price 
  • You can change the Total UOM (but as mentioned above it needs to the type of unit e.g. kg, grams, litres etc 
  • You can change the total units e.g. 1 box, 3 packs, 8 tubs etc 
  • You can change the pack size 
  • You can change whether a pack can be split or not - tick to allow splitting for ordering 
  • You can add in a net drained weight if you want (rarely used) 
  • Expiration date (advanced settings only) 
  • Add Tax class 
  • Add notes 
  • Then click “Update” 


NB:- the system works on matching both “Ingredient Code” and “Supplier Name” - if either are slightly changed it will create an entirely new product.


Please ensure when editing/re-importing/adding that neither the ingredient code or supplier name are adjusted in any way.