Scaling Recipes

Scaling recipes is quick and easy to do and saves a huge amount of time.

Below we'll run through the process and explain the elements in the screen shot above.

  • To begin with, we always recommend to add your recipes in initially with a base yield of 1. This makes it very easy and simple to review from a profitability perspective. You can also make any final tweaks to your creations before scaling.
  • Now save your recipe. It is also good to keep an original copy of the exact detail.
  • Duplicate your recipe, and update the name of the dish to reflect what you will be scaling it to e.g. 'Goats cheese salad x 10 portions'.
  • Now in the 'Recipe Yield' box, type in the amount you want to scale your recipe by, or you can simply click on the '+' or '-' buttons which will increase or decrease accordingly.
  • As you scale up or down, you will notice that all of your ingredients quantities and costings will also go up, meaning that you get an instant replica of your original but now for the headcount you have multiplied by.
  • Save your recipe.

Sometimes, when creating your dishes, of course, you will want to change the yield after you have added in all of your ingredients, and you will not want the quantities and cost to change. If you need to do this then check the 'lock ingredient quantities' box first, then change the yield and all of your ingredients will stay as they were.



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