I've forgotten my password

This is by far the most common support request we receive from customers.

Passwords are sent to you in your  initial sign up email notification, so this should be kept safe.

If however you need to reset your password, then there are a few ways to can do so -


1) go to your usual URL log in screen

2) click on the link 'Forgot Your Password?'

3) follow the instructions as shown onscreen - add in your email and you will be sent an email with a secure link

4) click the link and add in your new password

5) log back in as usual


1) inform your colleague or system administrator (the person who owns the account, or is a 'Director' in the system) - they will be able to edit user details also

2) go to the user in question in the users listing

3) click on the Actions button and click again on 'Reset Password'

4) an email will be sent to you prompting for you to reset your password


Get in touch with Support who will be able to carry out Option 1 or 2 for you.

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