Setting up your Operations Profile Account for the first time

Continuing on from setting up your Personal Profile account, you can continue to scroll down the page to see more Preferences that will configure the system to your operation.

Below is a screen shot of what you will see -

Company name: your Outlet name

Nutritional label: you have the choice of 'UK' and 'US' - these are both similar, except the 'US' version also contains additional information including, Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Potassium

Fiscal year: the year that your business accounts operate to

TimeZone: to match where you are in the world

Date format: to match how you prefer your dates to appear in your reports

Time format: to match how you prefer your dates to appear in your reports

Currency: to be set to your local currency - you can add in any symbol or lettering i.e. USD and it will appear everywhere it is required

Tax/VAT %: to match your local % rate as required

Food cost %: this will set the main % benchmark across the entire system. All costings and calculations will default to this setting. PLEASE NOTE: you can always adjust in individual dishes and menus as required. If you set and then amend later on, you will also be given the option to update all existing dishes and menus automatically. If you choose not to then only dishes and menus created from the point of saving onwards will default to the new food cost % setting.

Wastage %: similar to food cost your Wastage % will also play a key part in all of your costing calculations. If you set and amend later then you will be given the option to update across all dishes and menus automatically.

Critical control: this is another time saving setting. This default listing will appear on all dishes. Add and amend as required to match your operations SOP's.

Logo: add your company logo which will appear in the top left hand corner to personalise your team's account. Add a jpeg, or preferably a transparent PNG file - 250px x 60px

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