Consolidate Stock Take

Following on from stage 1 and our Area Stock Take report, you can now consolidate all of your area/zone reports into one single report allowing you to take stock for your entire outlet.

Once you have finished taking stock across all of your areas/zones you can now accumulate all these together in seconds:-

  1. Navigate to your Stock and Inventory Routines
  2. Click on the 'Consolidated stock take' tab
  3. Click the “Create new” green button in the top tight hand corner
  4. Complete the fields as appropriate:-
  5. Report name - The month/period you are consolidating the stock take for
  6. Choose and outlet
  7. Choose a zone (if you have access to set up Zones - Exec package and above)
  8. Select the Recipe/Menu branding
  9. Now using the dynamic table below, first choose your Outlet name from the drop down and the table will show you all available Area stock take reports
  10. Select all of the reports you wish to consolidate together
  11. Click on create and your report will be created in seconds
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