Setting up your Personal Profile Account for the first time

Setting up your account in the correct way is important for when you use the system later on.

In this article we give an overview to the options and settings available.

The very first thing you should look to do once you have logged in is go to update your Profile settings.

Move your cursor over to the 'Welcome' message in the top left hand corner underneath the logo. Click the name, most likely 'director' if you have not updated this already.


Once you have clicked on the link, you will move through to the screen below -

Below we detail each of these items -

Username: this is the name you use to log in to your system

Name: this is the name that will be tagged to each dish and report that you create in Kitchen CUT

Email: this is your email address - please try to use a business email address rather than Hotmail or Gmail

Address: this is your business address

Country: your country of operation

Member Group: this sets the user access rights for each and every person. If you are the owner or account director you will be able to adjust this setting for each user. Please also note that User Group settings can be completely configured as neeeded to each and every business.

Layout view: this is often overlooked but can hold some easy insights when viewing in Kitchen CUT. See the differences below -

Basic view

Detailed view

Change photo: upload a photo or avatar of yourself to fully personalise your account experience

Change password: if you wish to change your password, for added security, you can do so here, add in your existing pasword, followed by your new one and then click on 'change'. The next time you log in you will need to use this new password.

Once completed, please ensure you also encourage all users of the system to do the same to ensure all information is as accurate as possible.

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