How to create a menu

Costing menus is important when you are offering menus at a fixed price. This is extremely useful for Banquet/ party menus, special occasion menus or any menu that is a selection of dishes that you want to offer at one price point.

  1. Click on ‘Menus” then “Create new”
  2. Menu name- is the name you want to file this menu under.
  3. EPOS code- This is for networked customers when we integrate Kitchen CUT into your EPOS- you can leave blank
  4. Vat/Tax- is being pulled across from your settings
  5. Food cost- Is the % pulled across from your settings
  6. Menu Type- We have set this as “Food or Beverage” you can adjust this in your settings.
  7. Menu Seasons- Choose where you want to store this menu- you can change this in your settings.
  8. Revenue outlets- from your account settings, which can be adjusted.
  9. Menu Yield- We recommend keeping this as 1 but you can change this
  10. Rotation- This is for if you wish to Rotate your menus on a weekly basis
  11. Recipe/Menu Branding- comes from your account settings.
  12. Course1- if you click on this you can change it to anything you want e.g Starters or Main Course etc..
  13. Enter Recipe name- Start to type your recipe name and with the “KC Predictive text” it will start to search your recipes, just click on the one you want.
  14. Click on add course- when you want to go onto the next course- there is no limit to how many dishes you put in for each course or how many courses you choose.
  15. Extras- This is for any extras you wish to add e.g Bread and butter, Tea and coffee ( though these could also be recipes)
  16. Suggested selling price- This is what you need to sell this menu at to achieve your targeted margins and allow for any Tax/VAT
  17. Actual selling price- It is important to Fill this in as this will calculate your food cost/ Gross profit % and Gross profit in monetary terms.
  18. Menu Notes- You can add in anything you wish here for your sales teams, service teams.
  19. Allergen summary- will pull across from your sub recipes and recipes and auto-populate.
  20. Click Create and menu is created.
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