How to create a menu engineering report

Menu engineering allows you to simply and easily take your dishes in the system, apply your sales of each of those dishes and create a detailed report of which dish/ category is performing best.

Whether you are looking to write new menus or wanting to know how your dishes are performing “Menu Engineering” allows you to do this. On Kitchen CUT our system can give you superb extremely useful reports in minutes.

When you want to create a report you need to:

  1. Print off a report of your sales from your EPOS or how ever you record them.
  2. Go to Kitchen CUT and click on “ Reporting”
  3. Click “Create New”
  4. Click on “Menu Engineering”
  5. Give the report a name ( May 2015 or w/c 15th June 2015) and assign an “Outlet” and a “Recipe/Menu Branding” area.
  6. Change the “ Course1” if you wish by clicking on it and typing in what you need ( e.g Starters, Snacks, Mains, Entrée etc..)
  7. Start to type in your recipe name and the options will drop down, which you click on the one you want.
  8. Type in the corresponding sales figure that you have.
  9. Repeat steps 7&8 for that category of the menu.
  10. Click “Add course” and repeat 6,7 &8
  11. When finished click “ Create”
  12. View report, email it, edit it, print it.
  13. Duplicate report for next time to speed this process up even more and just rename it.
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