How to create a stock take routine and report

Stock taking can be a long a laborious process and having carried out hundreds of these with various companies John Wood has created a far more efficient and quicker way of working as well as giving a higher level of accuracy.

To take stock on Kitchen CUT you will need to membership to the Executive level.

The system allows you take stock in two stages

Stage 1- Area stock takes

If you go into Routines and click “Create new”

  1. Click on “Stock Take”
  2. Stock take name- this is the area you want to take stock- e.g Fish Fridge Jan 15, Dry Store Jan 15 etc.. NB you can have multiple people taking stock in various locations at the same time to save time.
  3. Outlet- is the area you are taking stock for
  4. Recipe/Menu branding- is set from your settings
  5. Ingredient name- as you start to type our “KC predictive text” finds the ingredient you are looking for.
  6. You then click on the ingredients you want then write in the quantity in relation to the unit showing.
  7. The repeat for each ingredient.
  8. Sub recipes- no other stock taking system does this- with 30-35% of your stock being sub recipes, you now do not have to guess there value, you simply search for the sub recipe, write in the amount according to the unit.
  9. When finished this area click “Create”

Stage 2- accumulated stock take

Once you have finished all your areas you can now accumulate all these together in seconds.

  1. Click on “Reporting”
  2. Click “Create new”
  3. Click “Accumulated stock take”
  4. Report name- The month/period you are doing the stock take for.
  5. Outlet the outlet- from your account settings
  6. Recipe/Menu branding- from you account settings
  7. Search the stock take name and click on it. (e.g Fish fridge Jan 15)
  8. Repeat process in 7 until you have ALL your areas and click “Create”
  9. You then have the ability to edit/adjust/ email/ print/ search & filter.
  10. NB for your next stock takes- Just go to each report and click “ Duplicate then rename and take stock of your items- adding/ removing any items you want.
  11. Kitchen CUT stock taking will remove hours/days of work for multiple people and is instant with results.
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