How to create an order sheet from a menu

If you subscribe to an Executive package, you have the ability to create order sheets from menus and the system will tell you what you need to create this menu.

If you have a menu for 1 and you want to create an order for 25 persons, just duplicate the 1 portion menu, adjust and rename to 25 and save.

To create an order sheet from a menu:

  1. Click on “Routines”
  2. Click on “Create new”
  3. Click on “Order sheet”
  4. Order sheet name- Name you want to give this order sheet.
  5. Outlet- pulls from your account settings
  6. Required delivery date- Click on this and choose delivery date
  7. PO/Order ref- This is either a “Purchase order” number that your company supplies or a just a reference number for this order that you can refer to.
  8. Menus- Start to type your menu name and click on the one you want to choose.
  9. Sub recipes- You can also order ingredients for any sub recipes
  10. Recipes- you can also add/ create order sheets from your recipes.
  11. Click create-
  12. You can then go an view this order make adjustments to the “Actual Qty/Unit” then click the arrow on the right to change
  13. You can then filter out your suppliers and email the order to them individually through the “Share” Button
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